Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Day 31} ~ Wrapping It Up

To say I was apprehensive when I first started this 31 Day series on prayer would be an understatement. As I linked up my first post to The Nester’s blog, questions bounced around inside my brain. Could I really blog for 31 days on the same topic? What if I didn’t complete the task? Am I even qualified to write on this spiritual discipline? Who do I think I am?

Hmmm… I have an answer for that last question. Who do I think I am? I’m a daughter of the King, created and loved by the Almighty, and qualified through Jesus’ work on my behalf to bring my requests to God. In fact, He wants me to pray; He commands me to pray! So why not explore the amazing gift I’ve been given in prayer?

Of all the things I’ve learned through blogging about prayer for 31 days, one thing stands out: In order to have a relationship with God, I must invest in my prayer life. It’s not an option. And unlike the stock market, this investment is 100 percent guaranteed to reap eternal rewards.

So, I guess I would say that my perspective on prayer has changed quite a bit during these last 31 days. I have come to realize that prayer is not so much asking as it is listening; it’s more conversation than it is monologue.

This quote by Dutch Sheets pretty much sums it up:

Prayer is not a check request asking for things from God. It is a deposit slip – it’s a way of depositing God’s character into our bankrupt souls.
This is the last post in my 31 Days to a Powerful Prayer Life series. Find all the posts in the series here.

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