Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Day Links

In homes all over the country (maybe even the world), bloggers from all backgrounds have taken the 31 Day Challenge this month! We're more than halfway through October already (can I get an amen?), and I thought you might like to check out some other bloggers who are writing on the topic of prayer. Over 450 bloggers are listed in the Inspiration & Faith category at the Nester's website, where the 31 Day Challenge originated!

Here are a few blogs dealing specifically with the topic of prayer:

31 Days of Focused Prayer:

31 Days of Praying God's Word:

31 Days "Exprayeriment":

31 Days of Praying for Your Teen:

31 Days of Praying for the Nations:


During the month of October, bloggers from far and wide are linking up their posts on one topic for 31 Days. Check it out at The Nester's blog!

i'm doing it!

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