Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Little Pinspiration

Oh. My. Goodness. Move over Facebook and Twitter. I've just discovered a website I absolutely love! It's called Pinterest, and it's a stroke of pure genius! A "virtual pinboard" for all the cool stuff you find online that you'd like to try. No more bookmarking sites only to find a jumbled mess of links that you can't identify.

Pinterest offers a colorful, organized solution to bookmarking sites. After you set up your account, you create "boards" where you "pin" and collect all of your favorite ideas. Recipes, decorating ideas, organizing tips, book suggestions -- you name it, you can pin it on Pinterest. Did I mention the word, "genius"? Oh, yeah, I think I did. :-)

Check out these great ideas I found on Pinterest for the fall season, and then go find some Pinspiration yourself! You're gonna love it -- just don't blame me if you get addicted!  (Oh, and after you've signed on to Pinterest, feel free to follow me -- you can click on the little red button in the right sidebar of this blog.)