Saturday, May 17, 2014

Time to Fly

Card by Hallmark
"She stepped out on faith... and found she had wings."

My firstborn is getting ready to fly.

She graduates high school today, and like all the parents who are in my shoes, I can't help thinking, "Where has the time gone?"

Seventeen years seem like an eternity when you're a new parent, gazing into the face of this tiny human being in your arms and wondering how in the world you're going to do it all just right. 

But 17 years fly by so quickly.

Now she's ready to take her first solo flight, going out into the world to pursue her dreams in college. She's spreading the wings her dad and I have so lovingly nurtured over the years, and I feel like my heart might burst with a mixture of joy and pride (and a wee bit of sadness). It's difficult even for a writer to put into words. but I'll do my best.

Alyssa, your dad and I could not be more proud of the young woman you have become. As our firstborn, you've endured our parenting mistakes with love and grace, quick to forgive and extend us the benefit of the doubt as we learned (and are still learning!) how to be parents. Watching you grow and mature has been one of the greatest joys of our lives. 

Homeschooling you for the past nine years has been nothing short of amazing. I count it as one of my highest privileges to have been your teacher and your mentor, an honor higher than any award or title than I could ever have earned. Looking back on these years, I see God's hand at work in your life, gently shaping the beautiful person who stands before me in her cap and gown, ready to take on the world. 

There will be days filled with successes and joys ahead, but there will also be those days when it all comes crashing down and you feel like giving up. On those days, especially, I want you to remember this: You are God's masterpiece. He has an amazing plan with your name on it, a plan He has hand-crafted for you since before you were born. Spread your wings, step out in faith and soar as fast and as high as you can toward His plan, knowing that my love and prayers will follow you always... no matter where you fly.