Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life Trivia Quiz!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably watched the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life at least 139 times (or maybe it just seems like that many). It’s definitely a favorite at our house. I mean, who can resist rooting for the underdog, George Bailey, and his lovely wife, Mary, as they struggle against Mr. Potter’s evil schemes?
So just for fun, I created a little It’s a Wonderful Life trivia quiz for you. Test your knowledge and see where you rate. Are you an IWL Aficionado, Fan, or Flunky?
Here we go: (Answers appear at the bottom of the post – no peeking!)
1. What famous actor was considered for the part of Mr. Potter?
a. Edward Arnold
b. Vincent Price
c. Humphrey Bogart
d. Spencer Tracy
2. According to the telegram Mr. Gower receives, Bedford Falls is in what state?
          a. Iowa
          b. Pennsylvania
          c. New York
          d. Ohio
3. Which animal appeared in every Frank Capra movie?
          a. Sassy the Squirrel
          b. Jimmy the Raven
          c. Willy the Westie
          d. Lucky the Basset Hound
4. True or False: For the scene that required Donna Reed to throw a rock and hit a window in the old Granville House, Frank Capra hired a marksman to shoot out the window on cue.
          a. True
          b. False
5. Where was the school dance scene shot?
          a. The RKO studio lot
          b. Hollywood YMCA
          c. Beverly Hills High School
          d. Los Angeles YWCA
6. What is the last name of the angel sent to help George Bailey?
          a. Milford
          b. Wingley
          c. Oddbody
          d. Jones
7. How many children do George and Mary Bailey have?
          a. 5
          b. 4
          c. 3
          d. 6
8. What are the three gifts Mary Bailey gives to the Martini family when they move into their new home?
          a. bread, salt and wine
          b. a wreath, a loaf of bread and a goat
          c. wine, bread and butter
          d. a pie, a loaf of bread and wine
9. What song plays in most of Clarence’s scenes?
          a. O Holy Night
          b. Angels We Have Heard on High
          c. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
          d. O Little Town of Bethlehem
10. What was the name of the police officer in the town?
          a. Bob
          b. Ernie
          c. Joe
          d. Bert
Results (Answers Are Below):
8-10 Correct Answers: Congratulations! You have achieved the expert status of IWL Aficionado! Your friends will be amazed at your knowledge of useless movie trivia and your mother will be oh so proud!
5-7 Correct Answers: Not too shabby. You’re definitely an IWL Fan. Watch the movie a few more times this Christmas season to achieve expert status by next year.
4 or less Correct Answers: Wow. Really? Where were you when everyone else was watching the movie? Don’t worry. It’s not too late. Go out and buy your own DVD copy and watch at least once a day, and you’ll improve your score considerably.
Answers: 1. b, Vincent Price; 2. c, New York; 3. b, Jimmy the Raven; 4. a, True, but she didn't need him because the rock she threw really broke the window; 5. c, Beverly Hills High School; 6. c, Oddbody; 7. b, 4; 8. a, bread, salt and wine; 9. c, Twinkle, Twinkle; 10. d, Bert

Feel free to share this quiz with your friends on Facebook or Twitter! And remember, as Clarence once said: "No man is a failure who has friends." Merry Christmas to all!