Monday, October 28, 2013

One Prayer CAN Make a Difference

Israel was a dust bowl. Dry as a bone. It had not rained a drop for over three years. All because of the prayers of one man – Elijah.

Now, three years had passed and everything was about to change again. All because of the prayers of one man.

“Get up! It’s about to rain!” Elijah told King Ahab.

 Then Elijah climbed up Mount Carmel, got down on his knees and prayed.

At first, nothing happened.

“Go look toward the sea,” Elijah told his servant.

 Elijah’s servant did as he was told. “There’s nothing there,” the servant replied.

“Go look again.” Elijah said expectantly.

Seven times, Elijah sent the servant back to check. On the seventh time, the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.”

That’s all Elijah needed. He told his servant, “Go tell Ahab to hitch up his chariot. It’s going to pour!” Elijah had prayed, expecting God to answer, and God did just that.

James 5:17 says, “Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for over three and a half years. Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops.”

Did you catch that? Elijah wasn’t a superhero; he was just a guy. But his prayer – one prayer – changed everything!

Think your prayers don’t matter? Think you’re just a guy or a girl, and your prayers won’t change anything? Think again! Your prayers matter. Pray earnestly. Pray expecting God to answer.

One prayer CAN make a difference.


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