Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30 ~ A Mission of Hope

Photo by Ami Brainerd www.walkingbytheway.com

How many organizations can say they manufacture hope? Not automobiles, or couches, or staplers, or widgets, but HOPE, plain and simple.

The Kwagala Project is one such organization.

"Our mission is to provide vulnerable young people in untenable situations with options and give them hope for the future. We work in poverty-stricken areas in which young people are often driven by force or desperation into prostitution, and strive to help them discover their own self-worth and God-given potential so that they may thrive, dream, achieve their goals and eventually carry hope back to their communities."

I recently learned of The Kwagala Project through a friend who is selling jewelry made by Kwagala residents as a fundraiser for her adoption. The beautiful necklaces and bracelets (like the one pictured above) are handcrafted by young women and girls who were once enslaved in the worst way. Now through Kwagala, they have been given a safe haven and a way to support themselves. Hope for a better future. Hope for a life of love and freedom.

To learn more about Kwagala and how you can help, check out their website here.


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