Thursday, February 28, 2008

Because, I'm the Mom!

I usually try to keep things on this blog writing-related, but since I consider my most important job title to be "Mom" first and "Writer" second, I just had to post this hilarious video from You Tube. And I guess I'm feeling rather nostalgic and particularly "mom-ish" tonight because my "baby" just turned 8 years old! He was born around 10:20 p.m. -- 1 hour and 40 minutes shy of being a Leap Day baby, which would have been both strange and cool at the same time. I know I wouldn't mind only having a birthday every 4 years! So in honor of Trey's birthday -- here's "The Mom Song." Enjoy!

In other news... I have now finally joined the ranks of high-speed Internet users, hallelujah! Which means I spend way more time surfing the Web than I should. All in the name of "research," of course!

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