Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogger's Block and Rejection Letters

I haven't been able to blog lately, because, for the last three weeks, every time I tried to sign in to my Blogger account from my laptop, there was a message saying, "This content is not authorized for viewing." I tried everything I had up my very small computer troubleshooting sleeve, but nothing worked. Tonight, miraculously, the message has disappeared. Not sure what in the world happened, but for now, I'm back in blog world.

In other news... my agent sent me two very nice rejection letters from two very big publishing houses yesterday. They were actually very encouraging -- I know this is definitely a strange oxymoron: "encouraging rejection letter." At least they had good things to say about my manuscript. Although, the nicest thing to hear would, of course, have been "YES"!

I keep encouraging myself with the fact that it only takes one "yes" to be published. Right? Right. For example, well-known and loved Dr. Seuss had nearly 30 rejections for one of his stories. I'd hate to be the editors who passed him up! And novelist John Grisham's first manuscript was rejected 45 times (by 30 agents and 15 publishers) before he was published. Whoa -- that's a lot of rejection "wallpaper"! At least I'm in good company.

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