Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Office Away from Home

One night a week, I haul my trusty laptop to the local coffee shop to write without distractions. Well, unless you call a case full of beautiful pastries a distraction. At least there are a lot less distractions here than at home -- no kids (usually), no barking dog, no dirty laundry (unless you count the grungy shirt I just saw on a college kid), no phone ringing, no thousand and one other things to do beside writing. Uh, except, I can surf the Internet here at a far greater speed than my incredibly slow dial-up at home (hey, what can I say, it's the only drawback to living in the country)! But most of the websites I surf definitely relate to writing, so that counts as honing my craft, right? Well, I'd better get back to work, but first, I think I hear a bagel calling my name...

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