Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Artist Manifesto: Will You Create?

Do you write, draw, take photographs, craft, sing, play an instrument, sculpt, dance, paint, or do something else that requires creativity? Then, guess what? You're an artist.

You were made by the ultimate Artist. A creative genius in fact. And since you were made in His image, you were meant to create as well. So whatever your craft, "The time is now. To inspire wonder and awe. To speak up in a world fast asleep at the wheel."

Writer Jeff Goins recently encouraged his blog followers to re-post this manifesto, which he wrote several months ago. His friend, Mandy Thompson, put some visuals to his words. So here you have it: The Artist Manifesto. No turning back. Be an artist.

Find The Artist Manifesto at


  1. Julie- Thanks for posting this...sometimes I get lulled in to thinking the work of art doesn't really matter...this week I was going to let my blog go...and then today the Great Artist inspired me and I posted after all...about Wonder and Delight...

  2. Kel, so glad your inspiration was renewed! From the looks of your blog, you've been going strong -- keep writing for Him!

  3. Julie- Thanks for the encouragement!