Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Quiz for You

Each year for as long as I can remember, I've read portions of Margaret B. Pumphrey's Stories of the Pilgrims to my children. And each year I learn something new about the Pilgrims.

The Pilgrim's story is an amazing one to say the least. Their story helps me to see that faith in God enables common people to triumph over persecution, hunger, and incredible hardships.

How much do you know about this tiny band of faithful Christians? For example, did you know the Pilgrims didn't go straight to the New World after leaving England? Their first stop was Holland.

While you're digesting your fabulous Thanksgiving feast this afternoon, see how many of these Pilgrim trivia questions you and your guests can get right. You'll find the answers if you scroll down further in the post. Happy Thanksgiving!

1. How long did the Pilgrims live in Holland before leaving for the New World?

2. Which of William Brewster's children stayed behind in Holland and hoped to join the family later?

3. What was the name of the leaky ship that had to return to England?

4. Name the two babies born aboard the Mayflower.

5. Who was the first governor of Plymouth?

6. Who was the first friendly Indian that the Pilgrims encountered?

7. In what year did the Pilgrims celebrate the first Thanksgiving?

 (Scroll down for answers. Don't cheat!)

1. 12 years 

2. Jonathan, Patience and Fear

3. the Speedwell

4. Oceanus Hopkins and Peregrine White

5. John Carver (not William Bradford as many would think)

6. Samoset (who then introduced the Pilgrims to Squanto)

7. 1621

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