Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brilliant author, brilliant talk

Brilliant author Andrew Clements spoke to a large crowd at Ball State on Monday evening. Like his books, his talk was both funny and inspirational. There were plenty of children in attendance, and you could tell his talk was geared toward them - after all, they're his biggest fans. Since Clements is the master of the "school story," he showed pictures of himself as a child and gave a lot of details about his family life and school experience. The audience was captivated by his humor and wit.

If you've never read anything by Clements, I'd suggest you start with Frindle, his most well-known book.

Here are some of Clements' words of wisdom from the presentation:

"Time is the secret ingredient to all good writing."

"When you pick up a book, you're picking up a chunk of someone's life."

"Details make a story ring true to life."

"'What happens next?' That's the most important question in writing."

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  1. It still feels rather surreal to read someone's blog post about something where I attended/was there as well.