Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Still Waiting...

One word of advice to would-be authors: If you're not a patient person, consider a different career. Nothing moves very quickly in the publishing world. It's like being pregnant for three years instead of nine months. You write a story, send it to a few agents, and then you wait. And wait. And then, miracle of miracles, the agent says "yes, I'll represent you." And then you scream and dance around the room, and then you wait for a contract. Then you sign the contract, send it back, and then you wait for your agent to send your manuscript to publishers. And then the real waiting game begins, which is where I'm at in all this madness. A few weeks ago my agent met with Editor X at Book Expo (BEA) about my children's picture book. This is what my agent had to say in an e-mail about their meeting:

"She likes the book as she told you, and she really "gets" it, loved the newspaper story from which it was developed. She has not however yet read the revision, due to her commitments to get everything ready for BEA itself. We definitely had a great impression of her as a person, both Linda and I liked her very much, she is enthusiastic, pragmatic, sees and understands the story in the marketplace. We wanted you to know all this news which we feel is good."

I like good news just as much as the next girl, but now I'm here, still waiting. I'll let you know when the waiting game is over...

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  1. Julie:

    If you have time and inclination, could you drop me a line at amywelborn@yahoo.com? Susan is also representing me and my first YA novel, and it would be good to have someone with whom to compare notes. I'm at the same "What the heck is going on up there" stage as you, I think.

    Amy Welborn