Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DIY Garden Magic

With warm weather days ahead, area gardeners are looking forward to bright bursts of blossoms and pops of color from the fruits of their labor. If you’re longing to add a touch of magic and whimsy to your landscape this year, this simple and inexpensive DIY project is for you.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • One small clay pot (I used an 8-inch, but you can use smaller pots and saucers depending on your preference.)
  • Two clay saucers (I used a 6-inch and a 4.25-inch saucer.)
  • Outdoor acrylic paint (I used DecoArt brand Patio Paint Outdoor Acrylic in Geranium Red, Cloud White and Pinecone Brown.)
  • Foam brushes and smaller paintbrushes or Q-tips for detail work
  • Industrial strength adhesive (I used E6000 brand.)

Step 1 – Using the foam brush, paint the large clay pot white (or whatever color you prefer). You will most likely need at least two coats since the clay pot tends to soak up the paint!

Step 2 – Paint both saucers red. Let dry for at least an hour.

Step 3 – When large clay pot is dry, draw an outline of a door and two windows with a pencil.

Step 4 – Using your pencil markings as a guide, carefully paint in the door and windows with brown paint. When paint is dry, outline the doors and windows with a black permanent marker or outdoor paint pen.

Step 5 – When red saucers are dry, paint random white polka dots on the saucers. I used a Q-tip, which worked nicely.

Step 6 – When polka dots are dry, glue the larger saucer on top of the pot. Then glue the smaller saucer in place on top of the larger one.

Just like magic, your fairy house is complete! This is a great project for the kids or grandkids, who could make an entire fairy house village with various sizes of pots and saucers. These whimsical houses are especially charming when placed in a flower bed or in a group at the base of a tree.

For a fun friends “craft night” or kid’s birthday get-together, why not host a fairy house painting party? The possibilities with this fun project are endless! (Idea courtesy of Pinterest. For more creative gardening craft ideas, check out this roundup at 

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