Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ Again

Five Minute Friday

“Again, Mommy! Again!”

Joyous toddler cries still faintly echo in my memory even today. In my mind’s eye, I see dimpled, chubby toddler hands reaching up, waiting to be spun around for the umpteenth time. But it’s been a long time since a baby or toddler has lived in this house.

Now those toddler cries have been replaced by the following requests:

“Mom, can I have $10 for the youth group activity tonight?”


“Mom, can you take me to volleyball practice in 10 minutes?


“Mom, can my friends sleepover Friday night?”


I know there will come a day when those requests grow fewer and then silent as each one of my children matures, moves out, and starts their own lives outside these four walls.

So, for now, I try with all my heart and soul to relish the requests of my pre-teen and teenagers, to hang on to each moment with these cherished kids of mine. And I try to remember that someday I’ll wish for their requests – again.


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