Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Falling Off the Wagon

I fell off the thankful wagon. Pinpointing the exact time is difficult, but it was sometime between the $900 car repair and the leaky toilet and the dog's third seizure and the four-day-long bout with the flu.

I had been trying so hard to count my three things a day, a challenge I took on over at Ann Voskamp's blog at the beginning of the New Year. Then all of a sudden, one day of not counting turned into two... two turned into four, and before long I had gone almost an entire month without a conscious effort of being thankful.

My life is truly blessed. I want to be thankful... no, more than that, I NEED to be thankful. I don't want to be the woman who lets life's blessings pass by unnoticed and sits in a rocking chair at the end of my life with nothing but regrets. I want to recognize the joy while it's mine to grasp, see the blessings while they are literally everywhere. Why is this so hard?

It shouldn't be. So today I choose to get back on the thankful wagon. To count my blessings and be thankful because "this is God's will for (me) in Christ Jesus." (1 Thess. 5:18) What better reason to give thanks? When I'm thankful, I am fulfilling God's will for my life!

Thank you Lord, for this absolutely perfect, beautiful Spring day...

for an evening walk with my entire family at my side...

for blue skies and shopping trips with the three most wonderful kids on the planet...

for a husband who loves to be with his family more than anything else...

for reminders of Your love everywhere.

I am forever grateful!


  1. Oh my Julie, it sounds like a lot was on the plate...I totally understand. I just finished reading One Thousand Gifts this weekend...I started the January Dare and derailed as well! The remnant pictures are on my blog...but it is good to know He never fails and those beautiful mercies are so new every morning...great is His faithfulness. Hope your You, your dog, and the car are all doing better. In His Grace, Dawn

  2. Thanks, Dawn! When I look at friends who are going through major trials, my problems pale in comparison! Grateful for your reminder that His mercies are new every morning. What an awesome thought! Bless you, friend!