Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grammar Geeks Unite!

Recently, I listened to a local English teacher bemoan the fact that most of her students are terrible writers. They come to her class at the beginning of the year with no clue about good grammar, proper punctuation, essay structure, etc. She blames this partly on the computer age -- texting, chatting, instant messaging -- all forms of communication which don't require punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences, or even proper spelling for that matter. The editor in me has to agree. (Txt me l8tr if u don't. LOL!) Our world is moving away from all that's proper (in more ways than just spelling and grammar) to whatever is convenient. Some people love it, but for those of us who are grammar geeks it's... well, painful.

What I'd really like to see is people using phonetic punctuation. This sketch by the late musician/comedian Victor Borge is a fun look at what the world would be like if we included punctuation in our everyday, face-to-face conversations. Hope it brings a smile to your day. TTYL... :-)

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