Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time for a Makeover?

As anyone can see from the date of my last entry, I've been trying my best to ignore my blog. But ignoring it hasn't made it go away. Day after day, it sits untouched as a monument to my negligence. I've contemplated letting it go altogether, but despite my apparent apathy, I can't seem to do it. Every time I think about it, separation anxiety seizes my innermost being. How can you be so attached to something that you obviously don't seem to care about?

I think it's time for a makeover. A lot of my "blogger's block" stems from the fact that I feel locked in to writing about writing. Maybe that's my problem. I am not just a freelance writer and editor (especially lately!). I am a child of God, a wife, a mom, a home-educator, a daughter, a sister, a cook, a maid, a... well, I think you get it. I need to revamp, redesign, reinvent, and a bunch of other re- words that I can't seem to think of right now.

This will take some brainstorming, so stay tuned... Hopefully, it won't take me another two months to figure this out...

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