Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hiatus or Facebook Addiction?

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OK, I'll be honest. I've been on a hiatus from my blog recently for one reason -- Facebook. Who knew tracking down long lost friends and relatives could be so much fun? If I didn't police myself, I could probably spend 8 hours a day on Facebook, just looking at everyone's pictures and profiles. OK, maybe I need to get a life. No, actually, I probably need to spend more time writing than surfing Facebook. Now there's a novel idea! (Pun intended. :-)

Speaking of writing, my agent forwarded me a rejection letter from a large NYC publishing house. Keep in mind, the book my agent is representing is my humorous children's fiction picture book about a chicken who discovers he has artistic talent. Not exactly true-to-life stuff here. The editor wrote: "I don't understand why the pig can read but Chuck can't and where the pig gets the famous painting from." My clearly frustrated agent wrote a note to me on the forwarded letter: "Julie -- I'm concerned for this editor's career in publishing!" My sentiments exactly. This editor can "buy" the fact that a chicken talks and has artistic ability but can't quite "get" the other fictional points that move the plot along. Maybe she needs to change genres -- non-fiction might be a better fit for her. Ah, well, I'm learning to take rejection really well. Maybe the next letter will be a yes! :-)

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